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 Price list

                  C.S.C.S Cleaning Pricelist


         These prices are online specials and binding .No substitutes or changes.

         All prices are subject to change. Any questions, Please feel free to call us!

                                                  Residential Special

First payment must be paid online .or mentioned when making  service date and the other two payments must be paid  online to proceed. (Senior Deal

When payment is made please call to schedule an appointment. This is a phenomenal deal, so please schedule your appointment as soon, as you make your deal, for the best date/time that suits you.  Please Note: These Prices Are Not for Construction Clean-up



   Residential Special

 This specials can only be ordered  online and are subject  to change.

Residential Clean Sweep


                   up to 1300sq ft


  Clean Just My Kitchen 

          This includes only the kitchen Area.


                         Order OnLine  Only

                         Call For More Details


add 2cleanings paid today online at a Special $80.each cleaning

 discount off $180 normally 
Livingroom .....Dust/Vacuum 
Kitchen........... Sweep/Mop/Wipe Down 
Bedroom3 ...........Dust/Change/Make  bed/Vacuum 
Bathroom(1half) .......Sweep/Mop/Sink/Mirror/Toilet/Tub
Dusting Area(s) ...........All area(s) Mentioned  .
Sweeping and Mopping Area(s)
........All area(s) Mentioned          ID REQUIRED SENIOR'S ONLY

   1/2 Cleaners / Supplies Furnished

    1/2 hrs cleaning   Cannot purchase After

        Order must be for the3mo special

                     /No Substitutes

 Everything mentioned in Special

 This is a one time cleaning


2 cleaners /

1 / 2 hr .cleaning

Supplies Furnished for cleaning

No Substitutes


Wipe down outside of Cabinets.

Put dishes in dishwasher

Wipe down  Stove
Wipe down Refrigerator
Wipe down Counter and Sink Area
Take Out Trash and Replace Bag


1 Cleaner/ Supplies Included

 up to 2/ hr cleaning


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         Appliance Me

           A Complete Cleaning of Your

              Refrigerator and Stove.


This service includes the cleaning inside of your refrigerator and stove:


All unwanted food
Wipe down of inside/outside of Frig.
Inside/Top/Side of stove cleaned

                  BOTH APPLIANCES

1 Cleaner/ All necessary Supplies Furnished

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  Business Bathroom(s)

                    Two stalls/Basic

               Women and Men/Urinal.

         up to 3 bathroom(s)in each stall (6)



Mirror /Sink/Floor/3 urinal/bathroom

                 Swept and Mopped
        This Is  A One Time Cleaning


 1 Cleaner

 All supplies for cleaning Furnished

This is a complete basic cleaning
 Need more cleanings....Just Ask!


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      Clean My Room
  This Is A Basic Cleaning For One Room


Changing Lining and making bed
Removing dust from corner areas
Wipe down door and door knobs/Light switch
Wipe reg. window inside and window sills
If things are removed from dresser,Dresser



1 Cleaner /All Supplies Furnished

1 /1h hr Cleaning

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