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Staying Safe During The Pandemic

Remember how important it is to keep safe during the pandemic time.

Wearing a mask

Washing hands frequently

Keep your hands out of your face ( eyes, nose, mouth)

Stay 6th feet from people

Now, that its getting colder, people catch colds. Touch doors, door knobs ,sneeze.

Tip: Use a disinfectant or bleach and water/ with caution,

When cleaning , be sure to wipe thoroughly! Wet the surface completely.. Wipe with a clean cloth, Folding the cloth to clean areas/ wiping

When leaving out, be sure when returning home to have some $1 footies at the door for people entering . Make sure, shoes are taken off , at the door..

If you need help with cleaning, We're here to help, Call us! We're there to help you,

Stay Safe

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