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Frequently Ask Questions

1,How Much Does A Professional Cleaning Company  Cost?
Depending On Your Needs, A Professional Cleaning Service can range from $80-$425 dols for house cleaning and for Commercial Cleaning Colby Supreme Cleaning goes by how many days, square footage and how long it takes to clean your facility, It's best to have your square footage when you call so you can have the best possible free quote for your company
2. How Long Does It Really Take To Clean?
The range of time varies. Every circumstance is different. It depends on what needs to be clean / How dirty the area is? We want to make sure your needs are met
3. Does your company follow the Guidelines of Safety during Covid-19
Yes, We Do! We want you to be safe and we want to stay safe, as well. You receive the same workers everytime , at your home or commercial building. We wash our hands frequently , Keep social distancing /6ft ,and we make sure to wear our mask. 
4. Do Your Company Supply The Cleaning Products?
We will provide the cleaning products for your home or business, unless emphasize you would like to use your own products
5. Does Your Company Wash Dish?
Although, Our company will wash dishes. We try to minimize that,, by neatly placing your dishes in the dish washer as we continue to clean your home or business.Commercial buildings ,that have a small amount of dishes we will gladly place in dishwasher. Be sure to rinse dishes, as this may cause bugs and hard food to settle
6. What Is A Deep Cleaning and Does Your Company Provide that?
      Yes! We Do!
A deep cleaning is... A through cleaning of everything! Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Livingroom, Kitchen, Dusting ,mopping , vacuuming, Appliances(inside) refrigerator/Stove, Window sills. Walls (If needed) And sanitizing added. Although, this service cost lot more than the regular cleaning. It is well worth it! A Colby Cleaner will come out personally and analyze  your every need and give you a quote.
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